Mark Reeves





The Practice

Mark Reeves Architects provides a full range of design and professional services including restoration, refurbishment and new build projects for housing, schools, commercial and retail uses.

Originally established as a Chartered Architects Practice in 1981, the Practice was expanded as a Partnership in 1986 and became a Company in 2005. Whilst the Company continues to deal with a range of projects and building types for the public and private sector, our specialism lies in residentially led schemes. Our residential projects range from the design of homes for individual clients through to residentially led mixed use developments of up to 3,000 dwellings with ancillary uses.

Over the years we have received a number of Housing Design Awards for these large housing developments which include a range of house plans designed by Mark Reeves. Whilst traditional in construction these projects seek to promote consensus urban design objectives and design techniques.

Recent commissions have required expertise in urban design, master planning and the preparation of design codes, all of which reflects the need to anticipate detailed design deliverability at master planning stage.

Our work has been the subject of government design studies and design guidance and projects have featured in the government’s Building for Life initiative to promote good housing design.